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She is the perfect guide for transformational work! 

Amanda came into my life at a time when I felt like nothing was working and I was deeply frustrated with my chronic symptoms and pain. With her extensive and thorough knowledge of the human body and spirit, Amanda turned me towards HeartMath and several other very potent changes that altered my mindset and I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Almost all of our sessions were virtual, but the real gift was meeting her in person and experiencing MFR for the first time. Amanda guided my body through a huge release and has opened me to understanding how much wisdom my body actually holds. What has really meant the most has been finally finding a practitioner who has lived my experience of chronic pain, mold, and hyper sensitivities. She’s lived it, and because of her healing, she can guide others to do the same. I feel hope now for my full recovery and have seen marked improvement from symptoms that have plagued me for years. This is transformative work!”
Nikol Rogers, Empowerment Transformation Coach
New Jersey

Amanda's unique skills and gifts are unlike anything you'll find anywhere else!

She is on the forefront of transforming conscious business leadership. Command and control approaches to leadership are increasingly inadequate in attracting and retaining the best industry talent. Amanda has forward thinking, empowered approaches to amplify the effectiveness of business executives, managers and their teams.
Steve Havill
Founder & CEO, Purposeful Performance Coach, Community Activator and Venture Catalyst

Amanda empowered me! 

Since working with Amanda, I have been feeling so empowered in many areas of my life. I began working with Amanda to invest in myself and in my health, which has led me on a journey to discover how to feel my best while doing the work that I love. I can’t thank Amanda enough for her time, experience and authentic support along the way.
Ashley Schiraldi, MSW, LCSW
New York

You should call Amanda! She’ll change your life!

Michael Fazio
Business Development Manager, Driscoll Foods
Upstate New York

She's a rock star!

Amanda helped me bring my soul's work forward.
Jodie Seymour
Founder Strong Roots Coaching Solutions
New York 
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